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Contracting Services

<font face="georgia"><font color="008000"><strong>Don MacNeil Hauling</strong></font></font>
Don MacNeil Hauling

Don MacNeil Hauling
General Delivery
Pickle Lake, Ontario P0V 3A0

*More information coming soon!*

<font face="georgia"><font color="008000"><strong>Frontier Land Developments Inc.</strong></font></font>

Frontier Land Developments Inc.
Provides sand, gravel, aggregate and heavy equipment services.
49 Lakeview Crescent – PO Box 134
Pickle Lake, Ontario P0V 3A0
Owner: Bernie Cox

<font face="georgia"><font color="008000"><strong>Graham’s Services</strong></font></font>
Graham’s Services

Graham’s Services
Towing, backhoe and welding services.
1 Patricia Street – PO Box 94
Pickle Lake, Ontario P0V 3A0
Cell: (807)355.9151

<font face="georgia"><font color="008000"><strong>KDH Northern</strong></font></font>
KDH Northern

KDH Northern
Backhoe and snowplow service
Everyday 8:00am to 5:00pm
44 Koval Street – PO Box 334
Pickle Lake, Ontario P0V 3A0
Owner: Karl Hopf

<font face="georgia"><font color="008000"><strong>Patricia Auto Sales and Service</strong></font></font>

Patricia Auto Sales and Service
14 HWY 599 – PO Box 466
Pickle Lake, Ontario P0V 3A0

<font face="georgia"><font color="008000"><strong>Pride of the North</strong></font></font>
Pride of the North

Pride of the North
Provides local weather station services and other contracting services
5 Connell Drive – PO Box 246
Owner: Lucie Hoffman

<font face="georgia"><font color="008000"><strong>Sigfusson Northern</strong></font></font>
Sigfusson Northern

Sigfusson Northern
27 Nord Road/HWY 599 – PO Box 128
Central Patricia, Ontario P0V 3A0
Twitter: @SigNorLtd

Cell: (807)928.2997

<font face="georgia"><font color="008000"><strong>W. Koval Contracting</strong></font></font>
W. Koval Contracting

W. Koval Contracting
19 HWY 599 – PO Box 4
Pickle Lake, Ontario P0V 3A0
PO Box 278
Dryden, Ontario P8N 2Y8
Cell: (807)221-8565



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