Pickle Lake Health Clinic

The Pickle Lake Health Clinic building is a modern facility which boasts an emergency treatment room and regular daily patient services. The Clinic building also houses a fully equipped dental office with 2 dental chairs; a fitness centre; an office where health providers such as representatives of the Northwestern Health Unit and Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre’s Community Counselling and Addiction Services visit on a regular basis.  Our Medical clinic present staff consists of a resident nurse and a receptionist.

Phone:  807-928-2047
Mailing Address:
Pickle Lake Health Clinic
3 Anne Street South – P.O. Box 302
Pickle Lake, ON – P0V 3A0

Hours of operation during posted business days:     08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Clinic Dates 2018: 
April 22 to May 10
May 27 to June 7
June 25 to July 13
August 12 to August 31

Call when open to book appointments. 

2018-05 to 06 clinic operation hours

Dr. Judy Patterson attends regularly, notices will be posted around town and on our website under “Community Calendar” as well as our facebook page: www.facebook.com/TownshipOfPickleLake/

Our health professionals are in regular contact with doctors in Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout and Winnipeg. However, if complications arise and conditions warrant hospitalization, the patient may be medi-evaced to a larger centre.Since 1999 the Administration of the Clinic is provided by the Municipal Office which strives to ensure that there is adequate medical personnel and equipment at all times. The Ministry of Health provides the major portion of the finances for the operation of our Clinic.  In the past several years, the Township of Pickle Lake was successful in signing a Community Sponsored Contract (CSC) with various doctors. We are very grateful to Dr. Judy Patterson who has chosen to set up practice in our community for the time being.  The Council for the Township of Pickle Lake resurrected the Health Care Committee in 2012, with a mandate to ensure that Pickle Lake secures the services of a doctor, as well as other health care providers, for the residents of our community.


  1. Making an appointment in advance (when clinic is open)
  2. Have health coverage cards/documents available upon request (call ahead if you are unsure of what you may need).