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CBO Charles Tarrant May 22-23 Visit to Pickle Lake

CBO Charles Tarrant will be visiting Pickle Lake May 22 and 23rd.

If you require the services of the Building Official Please contact the Municipal Office at 807-928-2034 and Charles will arrange a time to meet with you.


Restricted Fire Zone (RFZ)

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has implemented a Restricted Fire Zone across much of Northwestern Ontario due to the ongoing dry conditions and extreme forest fire hazard.  This action is required to ensure the continued safety of the public and first responders. 

This RFZ is effective Tuesday May 15th   2018 at noon, and will be in effect until such time as the order is revoked.

A Restricted Fire Zone does not restrict movement or recreational activities; however, it does restrict the use of fire.  During an RFZ it is illegal to set out a fire for any purpose within the affected area, this includes campfires, cooking fires, and incinerators.  All burning normally permitted under the Forest Fire Prevention Act is suspended.   All existing burning permits are cancelled during an RFZ.

Some organized campgrounds or parks may permit campfires during certain times and under strict conditions.  Please contact the campground operator for local details.

Portable propane or gas stoves are permitted, but should be used with caution.  Charcoal installations are only permitted within 100m of a permanent structure used as a dwelling you own or legally occupy.  Coals must be completely extinguished and safely disposed of. 

When travelling in an RFZ please use extreme caution. 

If you see a fire, or someone not adhering to the conditions of the RFZ, please report it to 310-FIRE (3473).

For more information please call your local Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry office.


2018 Fishing and Hunting Regulations – Ontario

To view Fishing and Hunting regulations in Ontario for 2018 visit:
 https://www.ontario.ca/page/ministry-natural-resources-and-forestry (copies also available at the township office at no charge) 

NOTE:  Fishing and Hunting licences are not available in Pickle Lake.  Please be sure to obtain your outdoors card before you arrive in Pickle Lake for your fishing/hunting trip. 

Camping permits for the following are available at the township office:
RV Park in Pickle Lake, Kapkichi, Badesdawa Lake (Mud Lake), Menako Lake, Mawley Lake and the Pipestone River.

Permits may be pre-purchased before your arrival.  Contact the town office during business hours with the following information:
area desired for camping, number of people and their age group, number of vehicles and licence plate numbers, number of days/nights for visit and credit card for payment.  

Pricing is as per By-Law 2018-06 Schedule “A” Administration/Business Fees.

See our TOURISM page or, contact the township office for more information. 

Pitch-In Day!

Dog Owners

Please be reminded to register your dog(s) with the Township of Pickle Lake to avoid fines. 

Refer to:

Registration was due February 28 of 2018.  You are still able to register your dog(s) any time in the year.

A message from the Corporation of the Township of Pickle Lake. 


For the month of May 2018 gym memberships are 35% OFF ALL LISTED PRICES!

For more information visit:  http://picklelake.ca/recreation/ 

or call the town office during business hours.

Employment positions available with the Township!

Are you a student 15-30 years of age looking for a summer job?

Are you looking for a full time position?

If so, visit our Employment Opportunities page for a full list of positions available with the Township of Pickle Lake and apply today!