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 Pickle Lake Cottage Lots – NEW lower prices RESERVE BID $1500.00! 

Cottage lots in Pickle Lake are within the Wildlife Management Unit 16a


The Pickle Lake Cottage Lots have been repriced! The 3 year building constraint has been removed.

Cottage lots are available for sealed bid at the Township Office. The following Lots Are available Pickle cottages price update Schedule A 2019. Agreements are available here.Agreement of Tender Agreement If you require information on a lot please contact the Clerk Treasurer Jamie Hussey 807-928-2034 ext 202.

Bids Will be accepted directly to the Clerk Treasurer Jamie Hussey No later than 5 p.m. on June 11, 2019. All sealed bids will be opened at the Council Meeting that evening. If there are multiple bids on the same property the Clerk will directly contact each individual and ask if they wish to increase their bid or select another property. The highest bid will be selected.

Properties for sale within the Township

The Corporation of the Township of Pickle Lake also has vacant residential, vacant industrial and vacant lots for sale within the township.  Buy an empty lot and build your home!
Please contact the EDO for information.

For inquiries on property sales:

ATTN: EDO, Ellen Mackenzie or CLERK TREASURER Jamie Hussey

P.O. BOX 340, 2 ANNE ST. S.
TEL: (807) 928-2034 ext. 203 or 202
FAX (807) 928-2708 ATTN: EDO or CLERK



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Google Map of Pickle Lake area.

Sunset on Pickle Lake