Water / Sewer

The Water and Sewage Treatment Plant is an important service to our community.

In light of the recent changes brought on by the incident at Walkerton, Ontario, major changes have taken place. More stringent regulations have been imposed and new practices have been adopted. This has meant that upgrades to our system has been required to ensure that there is no chance of contamination of the water supply. Also the new Drinking Water Regulation has required more intensive testing of our water to ensure the purity.

The Township water source is a drilled well that is 89 feet deep and the water tower holds 220,000 gallons of water. Chlorination of the water supply is required, however, our water tastes very good!

Our water rate is $136.10 per quarter and quarterly invoices are sent out to those on the Township water system.

Our sewage treatment plant is a modern facility that utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and passes the Provincial inspections. In addition to the modern equipment, our plant always ensures that the emission of treated water is safe and does not contaminate our river waters.

Our sewage rates are also $136.10 per quarter and are invoiced quarterly along with the water.

This department is under the supervision of the Town Superintendent and has one two time employees.

We appreciate what this department does for our community by keeping us safe from possible contamination and disease!

PHONE: 807-928-2034
FAX: 807-928-2708
EMAIL: watersewer@picklelake.org

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Operational Plan Pickle Lake Drinking Water System -Revised 2017-03-06