Infrastructure Study

Live Town Hall for Infrastructure Study – May 20th, 2021 @ 6:30pm CST

Pickle Lake Community,

For the past few months Pickle Lake has been undergoing an Infrastructure Development & Implementation Plan and an Airport Road Extension and Airport Opportunities Investigation and Feasibility Analysis, with Northern Community Solutions, a Thunder Bay consulting firm, and Limestone Partners Canada Inc., of Little Current.

The objective of the work done so far, and to be completed is to identify and evaluate various opportunities the Township of Pickle Lake or businesses could access with the overall goal of providing the necessary infrastructure for the township to access opportunities as they arise.

Both parties have surveyed or interviewed many local residents and businesses to gather insight on what will benefit the community in the future. The township has been approved for funding to extend the Airport Road to highway 599, which has been the impetus for this project, along with the ongoing power and mining projects that are underway or will be underway in the area.

We have appreciated the feedback and comments from local residents and business owners as part of this study and invite you tomorrow night as we present our initial findings – we welcome your input, and look forward to the discussion.

The meeting will be streamed live at 6:30pm local time (7:30 EST) on YouTube and can be accessed via:

The link will also be posted on the Pickle Lakers FaceBook Page.


Pickle Lake Infrastructure Development Team.

UPDATE: Infrastructure Study is now closed

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