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Far from an ordinary vacation getaway, this is the place where you get away from it all. Come and relax in the Northern wilderness of Pickle Lake, Ontario’s Last Frontier !

Why not drive to the end of the road and see what’s there!

Pickle Lake is the last stop off Highway 599. We might be far away from almost everywhere, but it’s worth the trip! From fishing and hunting to sight-seeing and local festivals, Pickle Lake has plenty to offer. A Pickle Lake vacation is truly a ‘getaway’ from it all. We invite you to come and visit our beautiful and abundant wilderness and spend your days fishing, hunting and soaking in the tranquility of Northern Ontario.

Let Me Know Where North Is
Written by Glen Hart – Vocals and Fiddle by Brian Sklar – Drums, Bass, and Guitar by Johnny Gasparic

Places to Visit in Town

  • Municipal Office: Come and visit the municipal hub of Pickle Lake – one of the first stops for souvenir hunters! Tourism information is also available here.
  • Weather Station & Airport: Drop by mornings or evenings for a special event as the weather balloon is released, twice daily. Further down the road, you’ll see the airport and runway, likely busy with planes flying in and out of town.
  • Municipal Landfill/Dump: During the summer months, bears and other wildlife congregate in this otherwise humdrum destination. But take precaution when visiting the site, leaving your windows up and not disturbing or antagonizing these foragers.
  • Post Office: Known as the go-to place for everything mail and shipping related, this is a regular stop for people who move up to town and decide to stay for a while. Crolancia staff and students are also encouraged to stop by and learn how the postal service works, and how Canada Post ships, “From anywhere … to anyone”.
  • Public Beach: Follow Koval Street North, past the ball diamond, to the town beach, where you can watch the sun set over picturesque Pickle Lake. Newly-installed playground equipment is available for the kids, easy access to the water for swimming, gazebos and picnic tables for eating, as well as a boat lauch nearby. There’s a float plane base owned and operated by the Johnson family.

Disclosure: This list is non-exhaustive for the Township of Pickle Lake, simply providing a few recommendations for first-time visitors and tourists. It is not intended as an endorsement of any particular business, nor representative of favouritism or preference.

Municipal Campgrounds

To date the Township has been successful in operating the following two campsites:

Kapkichi and Badesdawa Lake (Mud Lake). 

All these sites are primitive and offer outdoor lavatory, and most sites have an upgraded boat launch.  Our campgrounds have a steady stream of new and returning guests who have come for many years. Camping Permits can be purchased at  the Township Office of Pickle Lake.

Camping fees as per By-Law 2018-06 Schedule “A” Administration/Business Fees:

Residents – $5.00/person/day+HST
NON-Residents – $8.00/per person/day+HST
Children under twelve (12) – FREE

Residents – $150.00/Season+HST
NON-Residents – $250.00/Season+HST

$15.00/per vehicle/day+HST 


  • Menako Lake
  • Mawley Lake
  • Pipestone River

Camping Permits for these sites can be purchased online at by creating / logging into a One-key account. Permits can also be purchased at ServiceOntario Monday-Friday in Thunder Bay, Dryden, Sioux Lookout and Ignace.

The Municipal Office in Pickle Lake is also able to issue the permits EFFECTIVE JULY 22, 2019! We are so excited to provide this service! Crown Land Camping permits are $9.35 + HST+ $10.57/person per day.

We issue permits Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm

Distances to Nearby Lakes

All of these lakes are accessible by road. While the blacktop ends at the Town of Pickle Lake, there is a good gravel road servicing the area.

Badesdawa (Mud) Lake – 41 km (25 miles) north of Pickle Lake. This lake has many good spots for fishing as well as access to an extensive river system. Township camping permit required to stay here.

Farmer Lake – 197 km (135 miles) north of Pickle Lake. This lake is a rather small lake, but a very good hunting area. Crown land camping permit required to camp here if you are a non-resident of Ontario.

Lysander Lake – 80 km (50 miles) north of Pickle Lake and has a small campsite. The boat launch is only appropriate for small boats, but the fishing is good. A Crown land camping permit is required to stay here if you are a non-resident of Ontario. 

Mawley Lake – 165 km (110 miles) north of Pickle Lake. This is a smaller lake but is also a popular place to camp. Crown land camping permit required to stay here if you are a non-resident of Ontario.

Menako Lake – 105 km (64 miles) north of Pickle Lake. This is a lovely series of shallow lakes with a number of nice beaches, as well as an excellent river system. Crown land camping permit required to stay here if you are a non-resident of Ontario. 

Otoskowin River – 48 km (30 miles). north of Pickle Lake with a small campsite. This is an excellent river with fast-moving water for canoe fishing with access to Badesdawa (Mud) Lake. Crown land camping permit required to stay here if you are a non-resident of Ontario.

Pipestone River Landing – 147 km (89 miles) north of Pickle Lake. This campsite is quite rugged but there are certainly many fishing and hunting spots as well as opportunities for navigating through the many rapids you will encounter on this river system. Crown land camping permit required to camp here if you are a non-resident of Ontario.

Stirland Lake – 182 km (120 miles) north of Pickle Lake. This small lake connects to the Pipestone River system. Crown land camping permit required to camp here if you are a non-resident of Ontario. 

Outposts / Accommodations

Fly-in Outposts | Other Accommodations

Fishing / Hunting Licenses

A fishing or hunting license is required anywhere in Ontario with the exception of Indian Status, please make sure you have your Outdoors Card / Fishing License before going out hunting or fishing. You can obtain an Outdoors card or Fishing license online at the Ministry of Natural Resources website.


Maps of the area surrounding Pickle Lake were previously available for sale at K&K Tackle (now known as Tackle & Tire), located in Central Patricia.

For information on highway construction, visit the MTO website for the Northwestern Region.

Distances to Other Destinations

Atikokan – 500 km
Dryden – 352 km
Ignace – 291 km
Kenora – 480 km
Marchinton Road – 156 km
Sioux Lookout – 258 km
Thunder Bay – 540 km
Vermilion Bay – 392 km
Savant Lake – 167 km
Red Lake – 574 km
Winnipeg – 750 km

Contact Information

Municipal Office, The Township of Pickle Lake
2 Anne Street South, PO Box 340
Pickle Lake, ON P0V 3A0
Phone: 1-807-928-2034
: 1-807-928-2708