The Administrative Office consists of a Clerk-Treasurer, Public Works and Water/Sewer Operations Manager, Chief Building Official, Economic Development Officer and Administrative Assistant.

Duties of this office include, but are not limited to: taxation, budgets, water and sewer invoicing, all correspondence and reports for Council, as well as all collection of monies owing the Township.

This office is a busy center and any number of activities may be taking place at the same time. In addition to the ongoing duties that were previously mentioned, the office staff are responsible for the yearly financial audit and its preparation of schedules and proofs for the auditors, the revision and implementation of the Emergency Plan, the sale of souvenirs, skating passes, and camping permits, and booking the community hall and arena for events. The municipal office also serves as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office for Pickle Lake. The staff administer the Medical Clinic as well.

The Economic Development Officer (EDO) is available to discuss opportunities for new and existing businesses. In addition, we would be pleased to provide information about cottage/recreation lots for sale in the Pickle Lake area. Ext: 203 .

All the minutes of the meetings of Council and the Committees or Board are taken and processed by various members of the administrative team.

P: 807-928-2034
F: 807-928-2708