Pickle Lake Swag

Pickle Lake merchandise
Available through the Township Office: 2 Anne Street South – PO Box 340, Pickle Lake, Ontario

At the Township Office we have a variety of souvenirs for sale.
Our most recent merchandise and currently the most popular, is the Pickle Lake Blackfly Festival swag.


New Pickle Lake Merchandise Coming!!

Pickle Lake Township Merchandise

Historical Central Patricia Gold Mine Picture Set 


+ Applicable taxes to all items (see below for shipping fees) 


More promotional items to come!

Pickle Lake Merchandise

Adult Hoodies 
Colours - Grey, Black, Maroon, Navy Blue
Designs: Big Logo, Small Logo
Sizes: SM - 2XL

Pickle Lake Adult
Colours - Orange, Purple, Grey, Sapphire
Sizes: SM - XL

Tree Pickle Lake T-Shirts
Colours - Hunter Green, Black
Sizes: SM - 3XL

Heart Pickle Lake T-Shirts
Colours - Hunter Green, Black
Sizes: SM - 3XL

Adult Crew Necks
Colours - Navy Blue, Black
Sizes: SM - 4XL

Colours - Black/Grey, Navy Blue, Grey

Baseball Hats
Colours - Red, Blue, Black

Pickle Lake Blackfly Festival Merchandise

Adult Hoodies 
Colours - Maroon, Green, Blue 
Sizes: M - 2XL 

Adult T-Shirts 
Colours - Maroon, Carolina Blue, Sapphire, Green, Purple, White, Navy Blue
Sizes: SM - 3XL 

Adult Tie-Dye T-Shirts 
Sizes: SM - XL, 3XL 

Youth T-Shirts 
Colours - Red, Black 
Sizes: YXSM - YXL  

Youth Tie-Dye T-Shirts 
Sizes: YSM, YM(10/12), YL, YXL (18/20) 


How do I place an order?

Come on down to the Township Office at 2 Anne St. S, in Pickle Lake, ON or call 1-807-928-2034-ext-200 with a credit card and place an order for shipping! 

Shipping fees range from $5.00 to $20.00 depending on item.

Payment methods accepted in person:  cash, debit, credit card or cheque. 

Payment methods accepted over phone:  credit card. 

Please be advised we do not accept American Express, or American cheques

When calling to place an order for pick up or shipping, please have the following ready: 

  1. Selected merchandise and size 

  2. Credit Card number and expiry

  3. Name and mailing address for shipping 

All prices listed are tax included. Shipping will take about 2 to 3 weeks.

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