Ambulance Service

In case of EMERGENCY: 1-807-928-2255

The Pickle Lake Ambulance is operated by the Kenora District Services Board.

The Ambulance Paramedics are very well trained and are efficient in their field. They have several full-time employees and several volunteers who are willing to go at any hour of the day or night. They transport patients to the Medical Clinic where the doctor or nurse on call will give whatever necessary treatment is required.

Should further treatment be required, arrangements will be made for appointments at a later date, or the more serious cases will be air lifted to a hospital for more advanced treatment than is available in Pickle Lake. This too, requires the services of our ambulance to transport patients to the airport.

Occasionally the weather does not permit an airplane to land in Pickle Lake so then the ambulance will be required to do a land transfer.

The ambulance from Sioux Lookout sometimes meets the Pickle Lake Ambulance so that the ambulance and paramedics are not away from our community for an extended amount of time.

A great big thanks to our dedicated paramedics!

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