Fire Department

A Brief History

The Pickle Lake Fire Department was started in the 1970’s, following several structural fires in the community. The need for an organized department with fire fighting equipment was recognized, so action was taken. At the beginning, the funds were often raised by the firefighters themselves, or the women’s auxiliary called the Busy Bees.

Those humble beginnings have resulted in a Fire Hall and training area that houses two fire trucks and an emergency vehicle. Along with space for storing the equipment, there is an office and training area where the firefighters train in new techniques and refresh their memories on routine practices. Practice and controlled fires become a very important part of their training, as they have very limited actual fire fighting experiences. That does not mean that they are not capable and well trained, just that they don’t actually have many actual fires.

Today, the Municipality has an annual budget for the operation of this department, and encourages the firefighters to continue training in case their services are required.

Our hats go off to the firefighters who stand ready to protect our buildings and in turn our community!

Pickle Lake Fire Department – Application for Employment

Phone: 1-807-928-2316
Fax: 1-807-928-2708
Emergency: 1-807-928-2255

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