Municipal Office

2 Anne Street South, Pickle Lake, Ontario


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 4:30pm

Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays: Closed

The Administrative Office consists of a Clerk, Treasurer, Public Works and Water/Sewer Operations Manager, Chief Building Official, Economic Development Officer and Administrative Assistant.

Duties of this office include, but are not limited to: taxation, budgets, water and sewer invoicing, all correspondence and reports for Council, as well as all collection of monies owing the Township.

This office is a busy center and any number of activities may be taking place at the same time. In addition to the ongoing duties that were previously mentioned, the office staff are responsible for the yearly financial audit and its preparation of schedules and proofs for the auditors, the revision and implementation of the Emergency Plan, the sale of souvenirs, skating passes, and camping permits, and booking the community hall and arena for events. The municipal office also serves as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office for Pickle Lake. The staff administer the Medical Clinic as well.

The Economic Development Officer is available to discuss opportunities for new and existing businesses. In addition, we would be pleased to provide information about cottage/recreation lots for sale in the Pickle Lake area.

All the minutes of the meetings of Council and the Committees or Board are taken and processed by various members of the administrative team.

Asset Management Plan

Audit Information

Concussion Prevention & Management

Energy Conservation & Demand Management

Mayor & Council

MayorJames DalzellEmail:
CouncillorKayla BlakneyEmail:
CouncillorDebbie ChartrandEmail:
CouncillorJohn MillarEmail:
CouncillorLeslie MooreEmail:

Municipal Staff

Chief Building OfficerJody BrinkmanEmail:
ClerkLynda ColbyEmail:
Economic Development OfficerPenny LucasEmail:
Fire ChiefGarrick HaltemanEmail:
Public WorksSpencer CooperEmail:
Receptionist – ClinicThe Betty Johnson ClinicPhone: 1-807-928-2047
Receptionist – Municipal OfficeThe Corporation of the Township of Pickle LakePhone: 1-807-928-2034
Fax: 1-807-928-2708
Superintendent /
Public Work Manager
Micah MooreEmail:
TreasurerMargaret KennardEmail:
Water & SewerThe Corporation of the Township of Pickle LakeEmail:


Dog Licenses
1st dog (spayed/neutered)$10.00
1st dog (not spayed/neutered)$15.00
2nd dog (spayed/neutered)$15.00
2nd dog (not spayed/neutered)$25.00
3rd dog (spayed/neutered)$35.00
3rd dog (not spayed/neutered)$45.00
4th dog or moreprevious fee amount + $10.00
Replacement tags$2.00
Kennel License (4+ dogs)$150.00 + $10.00/tag per dog
Lottery Licenses
Bingo/Media Bingo/Raffle3% of prizes
Break-Open Tickets1% of prizes
Bazaar3% of prizes/$10 per wheel
Hawkers & Peddlers
Marriage Licensessee below
Prices according to the consolidated fee by-law 2021-14, plus HST where applicable

Getting married? We can help make it happen! The Corporation of the Township of Pickle Lake is happy to announce that we are now able to issue Marriage Licenses.  Along with issuing licensing we also have rental venues available for wedding ceremonies and/or receptions.  

Cost as per By-Law 2021-14:  $148.00 non-taxable 

Links for more information: 

  1. Getting Married in Ontario – Flyer 
  2. – Getting Married in Ontario – Info 

Venues Available through the Township: 

  1. Pickle Lake Community Hall – 14 Koval St. – Wheelchair Accessible
  2. Pickle Lake Arena 

We also have a beach area and campgrounds available.  Please inquire about these locations and pricing before coming to a decision. 

Public Works

Town Superintendent

The town Superintendent is in charge of the Public Works Department. During the summer season the workforce increases due to our ‘Summer Student’ program which allows students to work and assist in the Public Works department.

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of all Municipal buildings (which includes the Community Hall, Library, Bowling Alley, Arena, Beach, Clinic, Township Office, Fire Hall, Warehouse, to name just a few), water and sewer operations, hockey arena ice-making and operation of the arena, vehicle maintenance, mowing of grass, snow removal, roads maintenance, campgrounds maintenance, and many other duties too numerous to list.

Chief Building Officer

The Chief Building Officer is responsible for all building permits and building inspections.

Without the Public Works Department our community would not be the same, and we thank them for their hard work!

Water & Sewer

Treatment Plant

In light of the recent changes brought on by the incident at Walkerton, Ontario, major adjustments have been made. More stringent regulations have been imposed and new practices have been adopted. Upgrades to our system have been applied to ensure that there is no chance of contamination of the water supply. The new Drinking Water Regulation requires more intensive testing of our water to ensure its purity.

The Township water source is a drilled well that is 89 feet deep and the water tower holds 220,000 gallons of water. Chlorination of the water supply is required, to prevent contamination but does not alter the taste of the drinking water.

Our sewage treatment plant is a modern facility that utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and passes the Provincial inspections. In addition to the modern equipment, our plant always ensures that the emission of treated water is safe and does not contaminate our river waters.

This department is under the supervision of the Town Operations Manager, Leonard Wavy and has four full time employees who are on call 24/7.

Fee Schedule

Water: $153.13/quarter plus infrastructure charge: $6.00
Sewage: $147.19/quarter plus infrastructure charge: $6.00
TOTAL: $312.32/quarter
Both quarterly bills are combined and mailed twice a year to those on the Township’s water and sewer lines.

During Regular Business Hours
Same-day disconnect + reconnect$60.00 total
Disconnect or reconnect$60.00/each
After Hours, Weekends, and/or Holidays
2-hour disconnect + reconnect call-out$160.00 total
Disconnect, reconnect, or bulk tank fill call-out$160.00/each
Pricing and fees according to the consolidated fee by-law 2021-14, plus HST where applicable

Annual Reports

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