Pine Ridge Cemetery

Over the years the record keeping has been sketchy and today we are left with little knowledge of where the early burials were located, and the names of the persons buried there. This is so unfortunate, as all people deserve to be remembered.

The Anglican church had been burned in a rash of arson-related fires many years ago and the Catholic records consisted only of the names of the persons buried there, with no mention of the location of the burial. Today there are accurate records kept at the Municipal Office and burial lots have been surveyed so as to have an organized and orderly layout. This is in sharp contrast to the haphazard placement of burials, as was done for many years.

Please contact the Township Office for all burial inquiries.

2016 Ice Candle Ceremony

Pricing & Fees (Schedule I)

Regular Single Lot (10″ x 8″)
Cremation Lot (4″ x 4″)
Regular Interment (opening/closing grave)
(April 16 – November 14)
(November 15 – April 15)
Cremation Interment
(April 16 – November 14)
(November 15 – April 15)
Rough Box$250.00
Care & Maintenance Fee$250.00
Marker Care & Maintenance Fee$50.00 (flat, 173″ sq. or larger)
$100.00 (small, upright, 4′ or less in height/width)
$200.00 (large, upright, 4′ or more in heigh/width)
Marker Foundation Preparation$90.00
Setting Monuments/Marker by Township
Flat Marker
172″ sq. (1100 sq. cm) or larger
Upright Monument
4′ (1.22 m) high/wide
Weekend/Holiday Burial Fee$300.00
Winter Storage/Coffin until burial$50.00
Top Row$300.00
Second Row$250.00
Bottom Two Rows$200.00
Opening Fee$25.00
Care & Maintenance Fee$250.00
Memorial Wall Plaque*$170.00
* Plaques are all standard; Purchased from Nelson Granite as per agreement
Prices according to the consolidated fee by-law 2021-14, plus HST where applicable
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