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The Pickle Lake community offers a variety of recreational activities all year round. While many of these activities are geared towards residents of the Township and surrounding area, we are always happy to welcome any visitors who may want to partake in some of the activities during their visit!



Pickle Lake Arena

We have a large arena where numerous activities take place. In the winter you will find hockey games taking place for all ages, skating when no hockey sticks are allowed, and figure skating lessons. Our natural ice is maintained very well by the Public Works Department and we are able to host an occasional hockey tournament, which brings visitors from the reserves to the north of us to play with Mishkeegogamang and our Pickle Lake team too. Tournaments are a busy, exciting time in our community.

In the months where we do not have ice in the arena there may be broomball or volleyball tournaments. In the summer months there are activities held in the arena with our summer recreation program. It may also be the location of the Blackfly Bar-b-que in July.

Nonetheless, the arena is a wonderful place to meet your friends and neighbours!

WINTER PHONE: 807-928-2826

ADDRESS: 35 Dickenson Street, Pickle Lake


Click on the highlighted link to view the 2017 Arena Schedule


Curling Rink

Our Curling Rink has two sheets of natural ice and has a busy schedule. There are regular scheduled games, then there are also numerous bonspiels throughout the winter season. Nearly every year there will be a special bonspiels for kids, family, men’s, ladies’ and mixed, which makes for a full weekend for those who are involved in this sport!

The Curling Club makes the ice and maintains it. There is also a canteen in the curling rink which services the arena as well and on tournament or bonspiels weekends this canteen is a busy place! Recently the Township made some major renovations in the curling rink and today you will find an attractive building with room to sit or stand to watch the good natured competition.

Next time you have a few minutes during the winter, head on down to the curling rink to see what is happening!

WINTER PHONE: 807-928-2126

ADDRESS: 33 Dickenson Street, Pickle Lake



In the Community Hall you will find two bowling lanes. League bowling generally runs from October to April and ends with Roll Offs. Open bowling can be arranged by calling our bowling attendant to set up a time. Please call 807-928-2034 when you would like to have a fun evening out or even a birthday party.

The lanes are for 5-pin bowling and there may only be two lanes but we are fortunate to have this luxury when many towns with a much larger population do not even have this privilege!

PHONE: 807-928-2371

ADDRESS: 14 Koval Street, Pickle Lake


Recreation Programs

Each summer the Township of Pickle Lake offers a Summer Recreation Program for children ages 4 to 15.

Registration is $25.00 per child or $40.00 per family.

Activities are planned for all ages on a daily basis from Monday to Friday, with occasional activities on the weekend. Watch for a schedule of activities during the summer months when this program is offered. Posters can be found on bulletin boards in various locations around town or call the Municipal Office for a schedule.

Most activities take place in the Community Hall or Arena, however, activities are also planned at the beach. THe children are also taken on tours of local facilities, such as the OPP Station, and the Ambulance Station. Other activities may be camp outs, nature hikes, wiener roasts, sport events, etc. Indoor activities will include baking, craft projects, volleyball or other indoor sports.

This program is one of the best attended and most appreciated that is offered in our community. Ask any child who has attended and they will tell you how much fun they have!

PHONE: 807-928-2034

FAX: 807-928-2708


Pickle Lake Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee for the Township of Pickle Lake consists of ten members of the public and two members of Council. This Committee meets monthly to plan various activities.

The mandate of the Committee is:

To conduct, encourage and assist the programs of recreation which shall meet the needs and interests of the inhabitants. This shall include the social, cultural and physical aspects of recreation for all age groups and male or female.

To assist, encourage and provide advisory services on request to all groups, organizations or persons carrying on activities in the Township of Pickle Lake

To inform the residents of the recreational opportunities which are available.

This Committee operates a Friday night Kid’s Fun Night during the school months, the Summer Recreation program, assists with Blackfly Festival, Ice Worm Festival and fund-raising activities to support these programs.

Thanks goes out to our Committee for all their hard work!

PHONE: 807-928-2034

FAX: 807-928-2708


Recreation Services Directory

Facility Information
Arena Address: Pickle Lake, ON P0V 3A0
Phone: (807) 928-2826
Curling Rink Address: Pickle Lake, ON P0V 3A0
Phone: (807) 928-2126
Bowling Address: Koval Street, Pickle Lake, ON P0V 3A0
Phone: (807) 928-2371


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